Monday, August 1, 2011

Red Wagon 2

After taking it apart this is what I have to work with.

I straightened the peg  with a pair, shown above, with a pair of pliers and pulled it out. I plan to use the same pegs, rather than fabricate my own or purchase any.

The rust has to be sanded and removed.

The wheels aren't in bad shape, although comparing the wheels in the picture above, one can see that the one on the right is missing a thing that fit in the center of the wheel.

One axle was difficult to remove from the wheel.

The wheel above looks worse than it really is.

I don't know if that is rubber or something else between the axle and the wheels (shown above). I plan to make something to replace the one that's missing from one wheel. It probably corroded away at one point.

The two support beams show how one of them is bent. Rather than straighten it out I plan to have it straighten out when I screw it to the platform I make. The only part that could be banged back without worry of metal fatigue is the hole where the screw goes in. A simple bang with a hammer against a flat surface will do the job.

It's always good to save the nuts and bolts until replacements are purchased. This way I can assess the threads, and length of the screws. Of course in this case, it's not a big deal.

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